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Slow Dive, Soccorro Island, Nautilus Explorer, Manta

Slow Dive

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With up to four dives a day, you’ll have the chance to see whole schools of playful dolphins, various shark species, giant mantas, eels, octopuses and lobsters. The behavior of giant mantas in this area is unique. The animals are up to 5 meters long, interact quite familiar with divers and seek contact with you. 

The Socorro Islands are volcanic origin and about a day’s drive south of Cabo San Lucas. The mantas are just one of the reasons to take the full day trip. This oasis offers a fascinating sight with lava rock over water and big fish below the surface. 2016 UNESCO included this archipelago in the World Heritage List. 
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Slow Dive - Dive In with Us

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Slow Dive - Dive In with Us

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